Dean winters
Vic Tyler
Series: Life on Mars (US)
Aliases: The Pignato Brothers
Significant others: Rose Tyler
Actor: Dean Winters
UK equivalent: Vic Tyler
Spanish equivalent: José Santos

Det. Sam Tyler's father is Vic Tyler, a very dangerous criminal who's anything but a dad. He first appears in "The Man Who Sold the World" and claims to be the "wrong place at the wrong time" type of guy when arrested by the police of the 125th Precinct. In fact, however, he's a master criminal who works under the alias of "the Pignato Brothers". He ends up shooting his own son, Sam, and then kidnaps and almost kills him in the series finale. He was shot dead by Lt. Gene Hunt.

Det. Sam Tyler's real father is Major Tom Tyler, a.k.a. Lt. Gene Hunt, in the year 2035.

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