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Date Joined: 23 May 2010 (did one minor edit on 19 February 2010)
Favorite Series: Ashes to Ashes
Favorite Character: Gene Hunt
Ray Carling
Favorite Episode: Series 3: Episode 5 (Ashes to Ashes)
Age: 12
Language(s): English (currently learning french)
Religous Views: none

Im the active admin on this wiki and i help as much i can. Please leave a message here. Or if im inactive, contact Ross2009. Please not that if I get over 23 messages, i copy and paste all the messages on an archive talk page. I live in the North Isles which is northerly from the Scottish Higlands and I am the biggest fan of the whole of Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes :D. I keep an eye on all pages and if i see vandalism, i will inform another admin or block whoever does it.


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My top funny Quotes

Warning: This plot may be funny to some young people but contains a lot of swearing and rude jokes. Please only read this if you are aged 15 or over. Thank you!

  • Gene Hunt: Dont move, your surrounded by armed bastards!
  • Gene Hunt: You shot my car you bastard!
  • Ray Carling: Where Staines? Come on, someone's seen him. You've all worked for him! Someone speak up, its worth a few quid

Man: Last bloke said anything about Staines was Charlie, weren't you Charlie. He has one leg!

Chris: He still could. Joke, it was a joke.

  • Chris Skelton: ...about 3 inches more

Gene Hunt: Sweet Jumping Jesus!

  • Gene Hunt: Once a week, Friday Night, a curry, you know ive had harder shites than you!
  • Gene Hunt: What happened to Colin Mitchell, speak up or forever hold your peace!

Trevor Riley: Sod off!

Gene Hunt: Right

  • Chris Skelton: What sort of a sad bastard uses a dating agency like that

Shaz Granger: Sad bastards like Ray i reckon

Ray Carling: I have not used a dating agency like that before! And if you suggest that one more time, im gonna kick your arse!

Chris Sketlon: You'll have to kick mine first!

  • Chris Skelton: There he is, there's the van

Gene Hunt: Im not bloody blind Christopher, I can see it!

  • Ray Carling: You're like a bloke with tits!

Shaz Granger: I am not

Ray Carling: I just mean i dont fancy you, its a good thing

Shaz Granger: Oh Christ

Ray Carling: Bloody hell!

  • Terry Stafford: Hunt, Gene bloody Hunt!

Gene Hunt: Terry bloody Stafford

  • Alex Drake: Great
  • Daniel Stafford: Oh, thank Christ your police for a minute there, i was in trouble
  • Gene Hunt: Would somebody like to give me a hand dragging this bastard back over!

Alex Drake: Is there a garden in there?

Gene Hunt: Yes why?

  • Gene Hunt: Do you play golf, bet you do like all the other useless bastards!
  • Chris Skelton: He stole the Police widdows both?

Ray Carling & Gefforey Bevan: Bastard!

  • Gene Hunt: Come on Christopher, i asked you to bag up the porn, not watch it!
  • Gene Hunt: You planned us together didn't u thordy. But now, ive got a good man in there. what the hell does sacks want?

Thordy: I want to float amonsgt the stars!


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