Tom Robinson as he appeared in Ashes to Ashes (played by Mathew Baynton).

Tom Robinson (born 1 June 1950) is a radio presenter of BBC Radio 6. In 1976, he founded the New Wave/Punk rock group Tom Robinson Band, who today are known for their hits "2-4-6-8 Motorway" and "Glad to Be Gay". The band went their separate ways in 1979.

Ashes to Ashes[edit | edit source]

While looking for a blue Ford Escort with DI Alex Drake at a gay pride rally, DS Ray Carling noticed Tom Robinson through a pair of binoculars among the protesting crowds. It seemed that Robinson was a leader at the protest. When Drake crushed the nearby Ford Escort with a tank, the protesters believed the police were attempting to ruin the event and revolted, causing their arrest.

Later that day when all the protesters were in the cells of Fenchurch East, Tom Robinson was singing Glad to Be Gay to boost morale amongst the people. When Alex recognised Robinson she said to him that he would "end up on Radio 6, fall in love with a woman and have two kids" though the singer dismissed the idea. DS Carling replied that she said things like that all the time. He then offered DC Chris Skelton, who had been arrested earlier to satisfy Lord Scarman, to join in their protest. Later, he was singing YMCA next to Scarman and DC Skelton. (A2A Series 1: Episode 8)

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