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Tim Price.jpg
Tim Price
Series: Ashes to Ashes
Aliases: The Clown
Significant others: Caroline Price
Actor: Andrew Glover

Tim Price, Esq. is the father of Alex Drake (née Alex Price) and both the husband and law partner of Caroline Price. He is a high-profile barrister defending accused criminals and is involved with numerous anti-establishment movements. In episode 1.4, "The Missing Link", CID discover that Tim had represented members of the Revolutionary Worker's Front to get them off criminal charges, and was also involved in a government cover-up along with Caroline.

His young daughter, Alex Price, enjoys playing in his office as he works, and runs about in his court wig; the inside lid of his wig case contains a picture of she drew of their family (episode 1.8, "Alex's Big Day"). He reads to her at night from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, producing different voices for the different characters.

It is revealed in episode 1.4, "The Missing Link" that Tim has been cheated on by Caroline with their associate, Evan White. The two break off the affair and are unaware when Tim learns of it.

On Friday, 9 October 1981, he is visited by DI Alex Drake (whom he is unaware is his daughter), who warns him that someone is out to kill Caroline and him and pleads with him to change his routine and/or seek police protection. He assures adult Alex that people are always threatening to kill him and that he will not be intimidated. Having failed to reason with him, Drake arrests Tim and Caroline on trumped-up drugs possession charges in order that they will not be killed by a car bomb the next morning. The two are released early the next morning, 10 October 1981, before Drake arrives for duty. (episode 1.8, "Alex's Big Day").

That morning, Tim Price borrows Evan White's blue Ford Escort in order to drive Caroline and Alex to the railroad station. While the Prices are stopped by a lorry turning around in the middle of the road, young Alex exits the car to fetch a balloon which has escaped through her open window. While Alex is out of the car, grown up Alex finally gets past lorry from the other side just in time for Tim to be revealed as the clown that has been stalking her. With that moment, the car explodes, killing both Tim and Caroline.

Subsequently, a video is found in which Tim explains that, having discovered Caroline's affair with Evan White, Tim does not want to live a "life of quiet desperation". He intends to kill himself, Caroline, and Alex.

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