The Wit and Wisdom of Gene Hunt was written in 2009, to be released simultaneously with the premiere of the second series of Ashes to Ashes. It was written (in-universe) by Chris Skelton as an attempt to "get in on the act a bit" after "seeing all the books the Guv 's wrote". It is "edited" by Ray Carling, who makes various notes throughout the book. The basic premise is Gene's opinions and quotes outside the show. It was adapted as a factual book by Guy Adams, again produced through Bantam Press. Its two prequels are The Rules of Modern Policing and The Future of Modern Policing (1981 Edition).

Introduction[edit | edit source]



(and DS Ray Carling)

DCI Gene Hunt is a man with more opinions than most people have had hot dinners. how crap is that? Needs something more clever. How about than a hooker has scabs?

He has already written two books explaining how to do policing and that. This time his genius is turned on the world at large.

The Wit and Wisdom of DCI Gene Hunt is a book that provides both education and insight into the mind of a man who is very clever. ​Jesus! You sound like you're four or something!

Here you will find DCI Gene Hunt's The Guv's opinion of beer to women and all that is in between. What happens after beer and before women? Half an hour trying to get the little constable to stand attention?! Should put that in, be bloody funny that. Missed opportunity.

Compiled by the man men who know him most intimately.sounds gay that Listed alphabetically and without his bloody knowledge! this is the ultimate collection of the man's quotes and opinions.

The Wit and Wisdom of DCI Gene Hunt belongs in every man's library. Or toilet ("words go in best while turds fall out"... Shakespeare said that, I think, or Churchill...)

DC Chris Skelton - Editor

DS Ray Carling - Better Editor

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