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Nelson and Tyler converse in the real Railway Arms pub

The Railway Arms (also and more often referred to simply as "the pub") was one of two pubs owned by Nelson. It was popular social gathering spot amongst the Stopford House police officers, and consequently crime-free.

In 1973, Gene Hunt and his CID colleagues of the Manchester and Salford Police regularly went to Nelson's pub to drink and to celebrate recent successes. When Sam Tyler awoke in 1973, he was introduced to Nelson who often gave him advice. Here Gene and Sam learned from Nelson how to run a pub prior to going undercover to solve a crime relating to Manchester United and City fans (LOM Series 1: Episode 5)

Supernatural Pub[]

See: The Railway Arms (Heaven)

This pub was also owned by Nelson and served as a gateway to Heaven - where police officers who'd suffered trauma went after accepting their deaths in Gene Hunt's World.