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Series 1 (Ashes to Ashes)
Series 1 (Ashes to Ashes)
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Airdate 7 February 2008 - 27 March 2008
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Series 1 of Ashes to Ashes was first aired on BBC One from 13 February 2007 and concluded on 10 April that year.


The first series of Ashes to Ashes shows a 21st century police officer, Detective Inspector Alex Drake (Keeley Hawes), investigating the notes Sam Tyler (John Simm) made upon his return to 2006 regarding his life in 1973 and the report on his subsequent suicide. While in the process of this, Drake herself is shot and awakens in 1981, where she meets Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister), Ray Carling (Dean Andrews) and Chris Skelton (Marshall Lancaster), all of whom she has read about in Tyler's notes.


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