Scott Rosenberg (born April 24, 1963) is an American actor, screenwriter and film producer.

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Born in Needham, Massachusetts in 1963, Rosenberg received a Bachelors Degree from Boston University. He earned his MFA from UCLA. His credits include the screenplays of major motion pictures such as Con Air, High Fidelity and Gone in Sixty Seconds.

During production of the film Domestic Disturbance in April 2001, Rosenberg was arrested along with actor Vince Vaughn after a bar brawl in Wilmington, North Carolina. The scuffle broke out at the Firebelly Lounge, where actor Steve Buscemi had been stabbed in the face, throat and arm.

He was the screenwriter for the movie Beautiful Girls. Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg was living in Boston, waiting to see if Disney would use his script for Con Air. He said in an interview, "It was the worst winter ever in this small hometown. Snow plows were coming by, and I was just tired of writing these movies with people getting shot and killed. So I said, 'There is more action going on in my hometown with my friends dealing with the fact that they can't deal with turning 30 or with commitment' - all that became Beautiful Girls."

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Rosenberg was featured in The Dialogue interview series. In this 90 minute interview with producer Mike DeLuca, Rosenberg discusses his unique approach to writing and how it has enabled him to work across genres.

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