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In 1972, his dad left him and his mom, when he was 3 years old. At the age of 19, in 1988, he joined the LAPD. By the year 2007, he and his girlfriend Maya were in a serious relationship. They were also working on a case involving Collin Raines. He kidnapped Maya. When he heard the news, he pulled his jeep over to the side of the road, listening to "Life on Mars" playing on his iPod. A speeding car ran into him and he woke in 1972. Instead of his suit and tie, he was wearing 1970s clothing and his jeep was gone, replaced by a 70s car. He reached into his pocket to get his cell phone, but it was gone too.

Sam tyler hit and run.jpg
Sam Tyler
Series: Life on Mars (US)
Hit and Run
Rank: Detective
Significant others: Maya Robertson
Actor: Jason O'Mara
UK equivalent: Sam Tyler
US equivalent: Det. Sam Tyler
Spanish equivalent: Samuel Santos