Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes
Revenge of Broken Jaw
Air Date March 4th, 2009
Written by David Wilcox
Meredith Averill
Director Stephen T. Kay
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Antagonists Pat Olsen
Weather Underground members
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The thirteenth episode of the US science fiction crime drama, Life on Mars known as Revenge of Broken Jaw was first broadcast on 4 March 2009 produced by 20th Century Fox Television and ABC Studios for ABC.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

While the squad tries to find a place to watch the Muhammad Ali-Ken Norton rematch, student radicals from the Weather Underground target the police with bomb threats, and it becomes all too personal to Lt. Hunt, who loses several close friends in the incendiary aftermath. As the investigation heats up, Sam, Annie and Hunt uncover mysterious connections between one of the students and a political science professor. The bomb threats continue as Hunt, suspiciously secretive, attempts to discover the professor's possible connection to the Weather Underground's dead leader; is the motivation politics or revenge, and do the Weathermen have the right target? With the 1-2-5 walking a dangerous tightrope to discover the target of the next bomb, the case takes a totally unforeseen but deadly turn.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This episode takes place on September 10, 1973, the date of the Muhammad Ali-Ken Norton rematch which the characters are planning to watch. Ali won the match (by split decision), as Sam knows in advance due to his knowledge of the future.
  • The bombed bar frequented by police officers is named "Glenister's", a reference to Philip Glenister.
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