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Series: Life on Mars (UK)
Ashes to Ashes
Actor: Tony Marshall
US equivalent: Nelson (Mike Starr)

Nelson was the mononymous barman of the pub "The Railway Arms" in Manchester in 1973. He was a source of relative normality for Sam Tyler, since he didn't respond as a 1970s' 'copper'.  Although a native Mancunian, Nelson affected a Jamaican accent (for business reasons) and so was, like Sam, playing a role, one with which he was not always comfortable. Nelson often gave Sam advice, and Sam never had serious cause to doubt his intentions, in marked contrast to practically every other frequently recurring character. In Ashes to Ashes, it was revealed that Nelson was an accomplice of Gene Hunt, who would direct police officers who had accepted their death to his bar, which was seemed to be a stairway to heaven or spiritual waystation. Whether this makes Nelson a separate entity who reached a similar decision to Gene, or the proxy of a higher power is never clarified.

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