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Michael Parkinson
Series: Ashes to Ashes
Actor: Himself

Sir Michael Parkinson (generally known as Parky) is an English broadcaster and journalist who hosted the BBC interview programme Parkinson from 1971 to 1982, and later on ITV from 1998 to 2007. He was involved in numerous interviews which are still talked about in Britain, with figures as diverse as Muhammad Ali and Rod Hull (and Emu). He essentially launched the mainstream career (in England) of stand-up comedian Billy Connolly.

Ashes to Ashes[]

In 1983, while investigating the "theft" of the Ryder Cup, the CID team ran out of leads so they decided to interview Michael Parkinson whom DCI Gene Hunt referred to as "the darkest, most dangerous, most connected man in show business". After refusing to discuss the Ryder Cup disappearance, he proposed a game of golf at the Morpine Golf Club.

Michael Parkinson as he appeared in Ashes to Ashes.

Which searching for the cup inside the club building, WPC Sharon Granger and DI Ray Carling discovered Parkinson carrying a suspicious cup which was actually his "personal pint pot".

After briefly brawling with DCI Hunt, Parky revealed that it was his cup. Shortly after, the team discovered Paul Daniels fleeing with the real cup.

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