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Maya Roy
Series: Life on Mars (UK)
Rank: Unknown
Significant others: Sam Tyler
Actor: Archie Panjabi
US equivalent: Maya Daniels
Spanish equivalent: Sonia

Maya Roy was a detective in the Greater Manchester Police and the colleague and partner of DCI Sam Tyler in 2006. She was abducted in suspicious circumstances whilst investigating the murder of a young woman, a crime initially thought to have been committed by Colin Raimes. From Sam's perspective at least, his actions in the limbo world of 1973 wherein he and Gene Hunt captured serial killer Edward Kramer, who lived next door to the young Colin Raimes and his grandmother, led to her escaping this fate in 2006, as Sam believed that it was in fact Kramer who had committed the murder in 2006, after he had been released from a mental institution, and not Raimes.


Prenatal and Early Life[]

In the summer of 1973, Leslie Roy fell pregnant with the baby of Dipak Gandhi. Three months later, Dipak was murdered by supporters of the British National Front. It was Sam Tyler who deliberately steered Leslie to name her child Maya. According to her mother, Maya was the seventeenth baby in Manchester to receive an ultrasound scan (LoM Series 2: Episode 6). 9 months later, Maya Roy was born in early 1974 Manchester to Leslie Roy.

Later Life[]

Many years later, she joined the Greater Manchester Police where she eventually entered into a relationship with colleague and superior officer Sam Tyler. Maya's mother was less than enthusiastic. Before Sam's accident, their relationship was already having difficulties. When it appeared that Sam might never recover, Maya ended things between them during Series Two. This meant that Maya had escaped unharmed from the killer that she and Sam were hunting down previously. During Sam's protracted comatose state, Maya came to the conclusion she needed to move on with her life, and broke up with him.