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The Manchester and Salford Police was, from June 1, 1968 to April 1, 1974, a police force in the United Kingdom. It was created as a merger of the Manchester City Police and Salford City Police, and covered the adjacent county boroughs of Manchester and Salford. It was amalgamated under the Local Government Act 1972 with parts of the Lancashire Constabulary and Cheshire Constabulary to form Greater Manchester Police.

The Manchester and Salford Police is where DCI Gene Hunt and his colleagues, DS Ray Carling and DC Chris Skelton worked in the 1970s, until spring 1980.

In 2006, when DCI Sam Tyler was hit by a high-speed car, the force had by then become the Greater Manchester Police. After Sam had seemingly woken from his coma, he found he couldn't feel anything and was unable to concentrate during a police meeting. He then committed suicide by jumping off the roof of Stopford House and went "back" to 1973 to save his colleagues, including WPC Annie Cartwright, whom he had made a promise to return to when he tried to get help.

In 1980, after Sam had supposedly drowned following a high-speed pursuit chase, Gene, Chris and Ray transferred to the London Metropolitan Police Service, where they were joined by Sharon Granger. They were later joined by DI Alex Drake from 2008 the following year. It was revealed in Ashes to Ashes that Gene Hunt was dead all along, and the Manchester and Salford Police were part of the supernatural world that came to be known as Gene Hunt's World, where dead officers had suffered trauma in the real world, and it was Hunt's duty to help them accept their deaths and move on into Heaven. Hunt had done this for both Sam and Annie, and had guided them to The Railway Arms once they'd accepted their deaths. It was also revealed that Alex, Chris, Ray and Shaz (Sharon) were dead; it is likely that desk sergeant Phyllis Dobbs was, too.