Manchester St. James' Hospital is where Sam Tyler woke up from his coma, after being hit by a car and transported back to 1973 in Gene Hunt's World. Frank Morgan was revealed to be his surgeon in 2007. His mother, Ruth, was also there.

When he woke up, Sam found that there was no-one else there to greet him — no friends or colleagues — and when he left the hospital to return to a newer Greater Manchester Police, he began to feel empty in the present day. Sam eventually jumped off the roof of his police station in order to return to 1973, to reunite with the team and stop Leslie Johns.

Happy now that he had reconciled with his colleagues, and also got together with WPC Annie Cartwright, he drove happily into the sunset with Gene and the team, the pair bickering as usual. Sam also found the strength to turn off the radio this time, where ambulance sirens could be heard — indicating that he had died in 2007. It is likely (from the final radio bursts) that Sam died before he could be transported to hospital.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The best known St. James's Hospital in the real world version of Britain is probably the one in Leeds. No such facility appears to exist in 21st century Manchester.
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