Life Is a Rock
Written by: Scott Rosenberg
Director: Michael Katleman
Antagonists: Vic Tyler
Mysterious Caller
Previous episode: Everyone Knows It's Windy

The seventeenth and final episode of the US science fiction crime drama, Life on Mars known as Life Is a Rock was first broadcast on 1 April 2009 produced by 20th Century Fox Television and ABC Studios for ABC.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Sam wakes up after dreaming about his 2008 apartment with 1973 characters and is told he is most likely closer to going back and later on a mysterious caller offers Sam a chance to return to 2008; all he needs to do is complete three tasks, but a confusing set of circumstances inside and out of the 1-2-5 makes him think twice about whether he even wants to go back. At the end of the episode, the final truth about Sam's life is revealed.

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