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Glen Fletcher
Series: Life on Mars (UK)
Rank: Detective Constable (1973)
Deputy Chief Constable (2006)
Actor: Ray Emmet Brown
US equivalent: Fletcher Bellow

Glen Fletcher was a detective constable in the 'C' Divison of the Manchester and Salford Police in the early 1970s. He eventually attained the rank of Deputy Chief Constable and was a mentor and inspiration to Sam Tyler in the mainstream. In 2006, during Tyler's coma, Fletcher died of a heart attack in the real world.


Before the events of Life on Mars[]

As well as being part of 'C' Division, DC Fletcher was the first black officer of his division. As a result of this, he was occasionally the victim of racial jokes and bullying from his colleagues, but responded to this by agreeing and making light jokes (playing "Uncle Tom" according to Sam Tyler).

Temporary transfer to 'A' Division[]

In 1973, Fletcher was temporarily transferred from 'C' Division to 'A' Division (headed by DCI Gene Hunt) to investigate the kidnapping of professional safe-cracker Dickie Fingers. While working with 'A' Division, he was occasionally the target of racial jokes from DS Ray Carling. In response to this, DI Sam Tyler (whom Fletcher would mentor in his future) advised Fletcher to believe more in himself and not stand for DS Carling's jokes. (LOM Series 2: Episode 2)

Formation of the Greater Manchester Police[]

When the Manchester and Salford Police service merged into the Greater Manchester Police in 1974, Fletcher continued as a police officer and excelled to become one of the first black Deputy Chief Constables of the GMP.

21st Century[]

In the years leading to 2006, DC Fletcher became Sam Tyler's commanding officer and mentor whom Tyler respected a great deal. It was Fletcher who promoted Sam Tyler to DCI.


In 2006, while Tyler was in a coma, Fletcher suffered a fatal heart attack and died. His death was discovered by Sam after reading a copy of the Manchester Evening News newspaper in 1973.

Behind the Scenes[]

Key Life Events[]

  • Joins 'C' Division of the Manchester and Salford Police as one of the first Afro-Caribbean police officers.
  • Becomes Detective Constable.
  • Transfers to 'A' Division to investigate the kidnapping of Dickie Fingers in 1973.
  • Inspired by Sam Tyler to believe in himself and stand up to people's racist jokes. (LOM Series 2: Episode 2)
  • Transfers back to 'C' Division.
  • Continues working as a police officer when GMP is formed in 1974.
  • Becomes one of the first Afro-Caribbean Deputy Chief Constables near the end of the 20th Century.
  • Becomes the mentor and advisor to Sam Tyler, who looks up to him.
  • Promotes Sam Tyler to DCI.
  • Dies of a fatal heart attack in 2006.

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