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Mrs. Hunt
Series: Life on Mars (UK)
Significant others: Gene Hunt
US equivalent: Angela Venezia

Gene Hunt's Wife (also referred to as Mrs Hunt) was the spouse of DCI Gene Hunt in 1973 until she divorced him at some time prior to his transfer to Fenchurch East division in London, for an unknown reason. Because her husband worked overtime at Stopford House police station, she was rarely seen by his colleagues (and never by the audience). It is presumed that her husband did not tell her of his death and his purpose in Gene Hunt's World.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The character is not seen nor heard, though she is mentioned occasionally by her spouse and his colleagues. Her given name is never revealed in the two programmes.

A deleted section of dialogue from the screenplay of episode one of Ashes to Ashes states that Gene's wife had left him for another woman. Gene semi-confesses it to Alex and is deeply embarrassed and uncomfortable, in typical Hunt fashion, he states: Lesbianism belongs only in films.

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