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Frank Morgan
Series: Life on Mars (UK)
Rank: Detective Chief Inspector (GHW)
Actor: Ralph Brown
US equivalent: Franklin Morgan

DCI Frank Morgan was put in temporary charge of DCI Gene Hunt's team when Hunt was under investigation for murder and went into hiding (Series 2: Episode 7). Like DI Sam Tyler, he is transferred from C Division in Hyde.

Morgan clashes with Hunt's team during the investigation. His methods, which are similar to those of Tyler, with whom he gets on well, are met with a similarly hostile reception. As the investigation progresses, however, his relationship with DI Tyler begins to strain, as it becomes increasingly apparent to Sam that Morgan is using the investigation as a way to remove DCI Hunt from his position. The case against Hunt eventually collapses and Morgan returns to Hyde. In a private conversation with Sam, as he leaves the station, Morgan laments a lost opportunity, but congratulates Sam on his good work with the promise that he will "get you home".

DCI Morgan features prominently in the next episode (Series 2: Episode 8). In a crucial scene, Morgan reveals to Sam exactly the nature of the operation he has been undertaking; namely, the dismantlement and reconstruction of A Division in the image of C Division, Hyde, with Morgan replacing DCI Hunt and Sam remaining as his assistant. Hunt is to be arrested for criminal negligence, to be made an example of, and pensioned off. In the same conversation, it is revealed to Sam that his false identity 'Sam Tyler' was created in the graveyard where his parents were buried following a coach crash. Morgan tells Sam that he is suffering from amnesia and delusions, and has replaced his real identity with his undercover identity.

Morgan promises Sam vital armed back up in the event of a hastily arranged undercover operation organised by DCI Hunt and his team goes awry. As the operation begins to fail, back up does not materialise, and Sam leaves the scene in desperation looking for help. In a tunnel, Sam stumbles into Morgan, but he is alone. It becomes apparent that Morgan is again using the situation to bring about Hunt's downfall. As the attackers begin to harm Hunt and his officers, Morgan vanishes into white light, and Sam steps away from the scene, and back into 2007.

In 2007, Frank Morgan is a surgeon who operates on the unconscious DCI Tyler, removing enough of a brain tumour to render it benign. He is, however, incapable of removing the tumour fully, since it rests deeply inside Sam's brain.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In The Sweeney, Garfield Morgan was the actor who played the role of Jack Regan's DCI, Frank Haskins.

Frank Morgan is the name of the actor who played the wizard in the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz.

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