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Fenchurch East police station in 1981.

Fenchurch East is a police station and a division of the Metropolitan Police Service located in the City of London area. From the early 1980s onwards, DCI Gene Hunt worked at Fenchurch with police officers who had suffered trauma and travelled to his world. Previously, he worked for the Greater Manchester Police at Stopford House police station.



In the spring of 1980, DCI Gene Hunt alongside his loyal colleagues DS Ray Carling and DC Chris Skelton transferred from the Stopford House CID division of the Greater Manchester Police to Fenchurch East CID following the "death" of Sam Tyler and the divorce of DCI Hunt (A2A Series 1: Episode 1). Later that year, Hunt and his team were joined by Sharon Granger as a Woman Police Constable who often assisted the CID team. (A2A Series 3: Episode 8)


Fenchurch East police station consisted of:



Other Divisions[]



A tradition of the Fenchurch East police station was that all new female officers had their buttocks imprinted by an ink stamp which said "Property of the Metropolitan Police".