Kramer under arrest in 1973
Edward Kramer
Series: Life on Mars (UK)
Actor: Unknown
US equivalent: Willy Kramer

Edward Kramer is the seriously deranged, misogynistic serial killer whom Sam Tyler 'first' encounters at 20 Kemmel Road in 1973.

Kramer is friends with the little boy next door,  Colin Raimes,  who in 2006 will become a suspect in a murder case, one that mirrors the modus operandi used by Kramer in the limbo world of 1973 that Sam awakens in. Kramer is physically unimposing and largely unremarkable by 1973 standards in his dress and hairstyle, i.e. he has long unkempt hair and wears flares. It is inferred by DCI Sam Tyler that it is Kramer who kidnaps his lover and colleague Maya Roy back in the real world of 2006, the incident that set in motion the chain of events that take Sam back to the limbo world of 1973.

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