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Det ray carling.jpg
Ray Carling
Series: Life on Mars (US)
Rank: Detective
Significant others: Denise Carling
Actor: Michael Imperioli
UK equivalent: Ray Carling
Spanish equivalent: Raimundo García

Detective Ray Carling is a misogynist and bigot, but he's also a smart cop. The "wild west" style of the 125th Precinct suits him perfectly. He is not pleased when his status as the "go-to" detective is challenged by Det. Sam Tyler. He doesn't get along very well with Sam due to this and also doesn't get along too good with Annie Norris since he is one of the many men who, at the time, believed women could never become detectives or gain any kind of power. He also tends to break the rules and do whatever is necessary, even illegal, to get the job done, just like his boss, Lt. Gene Hunt. He has a criminal little brother, Eddie Carling, who he usually bails out of trouble, but eventually stops helping him for fear of losing his job.

In reality, Ray is one of five astronauts aboard the Hyde 1-2-5 spaceship, on a trip to Mars. As it turns out, he, just like Sam, also experienced his own virtual reality trip during the mission to Mars, but his program didn't malfunction like Sam's did.

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