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Derek Litton
Rank: Detective Chief Inspector
  • DCI Twathead Litton
Actor: Lee Ross
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Derek Litton is a fictional Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) in Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes. He is initially a senior ranking police officer in the North West Regional Crime Squad in Manchester, England, seemingly above Gene Hunt in the local pecking order.

The character appeared in Life On Mars Series 1: Episode 3 and Series 1: Episode 6 (set in 1973) and later in Ashes To Ashes Series 3: Episode 5 (set in 1983).

There is a long-standing feud between Litton and DCI Gene Hunt, which occasionally breaks out into bursts of physical violence, but whether this is purely professional rivalry is unknown. Litton drives a black Rover SD1 VandenPlas 3500 car, supports Manchester United football club (another red rag to City die-hard Hunt) and has a penchant for wearing strong-smelling aftershaves such as Paco Rabanne and Drakkar Noir. He was awarded the Queen's Policing Medal (QPM) at some point between 1973 and 1983 and is known for peppering his speech with foreign phrases such as "capiche" and "comprende". His marital status is unknown.

When Hunt transfers to London, Jim Keats achieves the previously unthinkable, by causing Hunt to side with his old nemesis Litton.

Litton and Bevan in 1983 (A2A Series 3: Episode 6)