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Caroline Price.jpg
Caroline Price
Series: Ashes to Ashes
Significant others: Tim Price (Husband)
Alex Drake (Daughter)
Molly Drake (Granddaughter)
Actor: Amelia Bullmore

Caroline Price, Esq. is Alex Drake's mother and Tim Price's wife. She works alongside her husband as a high-profile defence barrister. She is considered by Gene Hunt to be "lefty", and is particularly opposed to police corruption and incompetence. In "The Happy Day", Caroline befriends the adult Alex Drake (unaware that the latter is her grown daughter) in an attempt to encourage Drake to betray her colleagues and deliver evidence against the Metropolitan Police Service. When Drake declines to be used, Caroline tells Drake ironically, "Thank God the only thing my daughter shares with you is her name. I'd be ashamed if she grew up to be like you." Nevertheless, the two gradually develop mutual respect and fondness over the course of the series.

In episode 1.4, "The Missing Link", it is revealed that Caroline has been having an affair with their associate Evan White, and had been involved in a government cover-up. From the top of the stairs, young Alex sees Caroline and Evan kissing.

Caroline confides in Alex that she is going to take two years off work in order to spend time with her daughter, and says how much she loves her.

The next day, Caroline and her daughter are to be driven by Tim to a railroad station. She is unaware that her client Arthur Layton (Sean Harris) has planted a bomb in the car. The bomb detonates, killing both Tim and Caroline.

Caroline Price appears once more in series 2 episode 7 in Alex's dream.