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Annie Norris
Series: Life on Mars (US)
Rank: Policewoman
Aliases: No-Nuts Norris
Colonel Norris
Significant others: Det. Sam Tyler
Actor: Gretchen Mol
UK equivalent: Annie Cartwright
Spanish equivalent: Ana Valverde

Annie "No-Nuts" Norris was a member of the Policewoman's Bureau. Like most female police officers of her era, she was treated as a helper and not as an equal in the "man's world" of the 125th Precinct. In reality, she was Colonel Norris, the leader of the astronauts heading to Mars as part of the Aries Project.


Her intuitive style appeals to Sam, who confides to her that he thinks he's from the future. She doesn't initially believe him, but as the series progresses, she starts to accept that Sam is definitely from the future. She confides to Sam that she had a dream of becoming a detective when she joined the 1-2-5, but lost sight of it after being one of the helpers for a long time. Eventually, she develops feelings for Sam and makes herself known as a force to be reckoned with in the 1-2-5. In the series finale, Lt. Gene Hunt promotes her from police woman to detective after she helped cracked several cases throughout 1973.

In reality, she is in fact Colonel Annie Norris, the leader of the team of astronauts aboard the Hyde 1-2-5 spaceship, which is on its way to the planet Mars, as part of the United States' Aries project.


In the original pilot the character was named Annie Cartwright just like her British template.

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