The Hyde 1-2-5 spaceship prepares to land on Mars in 2035.

The year 2035 was the 35th year of the 21st Century and 3rd Millennium.


"gene hunt"Edit

In reality, Sam Tyler was not really a police detective in 2008, but one of five astronauts on board a spaceship called Hyde 1-2-5 on the way to the planet Mars in the year 2035. The spaceship was on a mission for the Aries Project to search for genetic data on Mars that could create a cure for cancer (a gene hunt). Sam's life in 2008 was fake because he and the other astronauts were using a "Neural-stim"; a device that could create a virtual reality whilst Hyde 1-2-5 was travelling to Mars. On an individual Neural-stim device, Sam chose to become a detective in 2008, but when the ship passed a meteor storm, the device suffered several glitches which forced Sam to 1973 while retaining his 2008 "memories". (LoM Life Is a Rock)


In the year 2035, the President of the United States is one of President Barack Obama's daughters who is a supporter of the Aries Project. It is also revealed that President Obama I is very ill, to which the team responds by "sending them our best".

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