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The Hyde 1-2-5 spaceship prepares to land on Mars in 2035.

The year 2035 was the 35th year of the 21st Century and 3rd Millennium.


"gene hunt"[]

In reality, Sam Tyler was not really a police detective in 2008, but one of five astronauts on board a spaceship called Hyde 1-2-5 on the way to the planet Mars in the year 2035. The spaceship was on a mission for the Aries Project to search for genetic data on Mars that could create a cure for cancer (a gene hunt). Sam's life in 2008 was fake because he and the other astronauts were using a "Neural-stim"; a device that could create a virtual reality whilst Hyde 1-2-5 was travelling to Mars. On an individual Neural-stim device, Sam chose to become a detective in 2008, but when the ship passed a meteor storm, the device suffered several glitches which forced Sam to 1973 while retaining his 2008 "memories". (LoM Life Is a Rock)


In the year 2035, the President of the United States is one of President Barack Obama's daughters who is a supporter of the Aries Project. It is also revealed that President Obama I is very ill, to which the team responds by "sending them our best".