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Stopford House police station in 2006. (Series 1: Episode 1)

The year 2006 was the 6th year of the 21st Century and the Third Millennium.



In 2006, Sam Tyler was a DCI in the Greater Manchester Police who always followed the rules precisely and supported his arrests with previous declared acts. However, his work often distanced him from his family and friends.

Murder Investigation and Sam Tyler's coma[]

Following the kidnapping of his colleague and girlfriend Maya Roy in connection with a series of murders, Tyler attempted to search for her but was involved in a car accident by the A57 motorway. The impact of the crash sent Tyler into a deep coma, from which he subsequently awoke in 1973. (LoM Series 1: Episode 1)

During Tyler's coma[]

Although he was relocated to 1973, Tyler often experienced visions and sounds from 2006 in his coma state, such as his mother fearing for his life after giving permission for his surgeons to turn off his life support machine if there were no signs of movement. (LoM Series 1: Episode 4)

Another instance involved former casino owner Tony Crane, who tortured Sam (as revenge for dismantling his empire before the crash) when he was most vulnerable. (LoM Series 2: Episode 1)

After visiting Sam in the hospital many times, his girlfriend Maya Roy decided to stop coming to see him because she could not wait anymore for him to wake up. (LoM Series 2: Episode 6)

It was not until the year 2007 that Sam Tyler would wake up from his coma.

Real World[]


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