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The year 1974 was the 74th year of the 20th Century and the 974th year of the 2nd Millennium.


The Scorpion's Sting[]

On New Year's Day, DCI Gene Hunt and his team brought down "The Scorpion" at the Deluxe Imperial Hotel. (LOM The Scorpion Sting)

Formation of the GMP[]

In 1974, the Manchester and Salford Police service merged under the Local Government Act of 1972 with parts of the Lancashire Constabulary and the Cheshire Constabulary to form the Greater Manchester Police. DCI Gene Hunt, DI Sam Tyler, DS Ray Carling and DC Chris Skelton continued to work as the Greater Manchester Police CID until 1980, when they were transferred to London to the Fenchurch East division of the Metropolitan Police Service.

Death of Harry Woolf[]

Chief Superintendent Harry Woolf who had throat cancer a year earlier would in all probability (according to his diagnosis) have died by 1974. (LoM Series 2: Episode 2)

Birth of Maya Roy[]

In the early months of 1974, the future partner of Sam Tyler, Maya Roy, was born to Leslie Roy from her relationship with Dipak Gandhi. (LoM Series 2: Episode 6)