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Precinct 125 is the fictional precinct of the NYPD where Same Tyler works as a detective, both in 2008 and in 1973. According to the show, the precinct is located in Manhattan. In 2008, it is an obviously modern police precinct, with televisions, personal computers, and ethnic diversity. In 1973, the precinct has typewriters, rotary telephones, and only one (largely ignored) female officer.

Officers and Detectives in 2008[]

With the exception of the pilot episode, the present day precinct has had little airtime, giving little information on most of its squad members:

Officers and Detectives in 1973[]

There are many squad members that Tyler works with at the old 1-2-5:

Relationship to Precinct 144[]

The precinct has had a long-standing rivalry with the 1-4-4. The rivalry is most bitter between Lt. Hunt and Lt. Anthony Nunzio.